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news coverage of David Bowie’s arrest in 1976 for felony pot possession (x)

omfg Iker Casillas just posted an als ice bucket video on facebook


haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 

 so I did Zach’s birth chart and

Venus in Virgo men and women quietly (and often slowly) make their way into your heart. They are quite sensitive in love — even insecure — and this reserved, loner-like quality is part of their appeal. They prefer to play it safe in their relationships, and they need to be confident that you like them before they make a move. They are great listeners and they make it a habit to observe and learn all of your ins and outs. Their love can be of the Kindergarten variety — they show they care by nagging or criticizing. Remember, though, that they are not trying to hurt you when they are pointing out the flaws in your thinking, plans, or even character.

Easily bored, Mars in Gemini natives need a fresh change of pace frequently just to keep energy levels up. It’s a somewhat odd thing, really. When there’s nothing much to do, these natives are exhausted. But if there’s plenty of interesting things on their agenda, Mars in Gemini natives can be powerhouses! More than most people, these individuals have a physical reaction to boredom. Besides possessing a passion for words, when Mars in Gemini natives get angry or fired up, they use words as their “weapon”. Angry words—some of the most incisive and sarcastic ones—can fly around with the more energetic natives. Others simply talk things through—energetically! Whatever the case may be, Mars in Gemini natives need to get everything off their chests when they’re fired up.





ppl who find zach attractive probably live a very hard life and weren’t hugged enough as a kid ://

or maybe you weren’t hugged enough as a kid because you think you’re superior to someone on the internet because of who you find attractive


wasnt this the camber date? lol

yeah I went forward an hour and I saw them sitting outside having their date lmao

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found it

idr what was happening on 7/22

oh it was Caleb and Amber’s ~date night~

best of zach’s diary room sessions

Chris Evans takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If Derrick takes Victoria to the F2, it just shows he is a weak player. It just shows that he is taking the easy way out, and big brother was never like that before. It should be two good players standing at the very end. He's playing good, but if he takes her then I have no respect for the guy.

he could make the argument though that he strategically kept her safe the whole game despite everyone wanting her out and that the only reason she is in F2 is because he masterminded it

which would be true

maybe Victoria will self evict because of her wisdom teeth and no one else will have to go home this week


we never got a zach dick slip…


What albums would you ask for if you were on bb and you won HOH?

oh man that’s a good question. ummmmmmm Body Music by AlunaGeorge, Evil Friends by Portugal. the Man, The Satanic Satanist by Portugal. the Man, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, Gorilla Manor by Local Natives, Revolver by The Beatles, Secondhand Rapture by MS MR, Trouble by Natalia Kills, Electra Heart by Marina & the Diamonds, and Awesome Mix Vol. 1 from Guardians of the Galaxy lmao

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