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I wanted Zach and Amber to win that deviled egg HOH so bad

*Derrick and Nicole talking positively about Zach; saying he was really intelligent and how good of a memory he had, and how fun he was*
Frankie: he was such an asshole. Week 2 he was so scary. He was terrifying. He was a monster. A fun monster.
Nicole: ....
Derrick: ...
Victoria: ...
Nicole: I miss him. I do miss playing with him.


I think the biggest twist of this season would be of Cody and Caleb just end up fucking




the portugal. the man station on pandora is the best

cody fishing for zach

the parent trap is on abc family

remember how Zach used to talk about this movie all the time

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I’ve got Mel so I’ve got an ally, a partner in crime. We know what’s going on… we’re the young ears. 

remember when we all thought Frankie was getting backdoored

is u a boi or boo

I’m a girl.

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anubis & pluto (very morbid, I know)

Anubis: How do you feel about death?

I don’t really feel either way about death. to me, it’s a return to nonexistence. I’m more scared of growing old than I am of death.

Pluto: Where do you think we go when we die?

I’m not sure that there’s a life after death. I’ve never really believed in any sort of heaven or reincarnation or anything like that. It’s nice to think about and I can see why people would want to believe in those things, but I’ve never been interested in convincing myself that there’s anything after death.

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