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I would probably stan Cody if he won the final HOH and took Victoria instead of Derrick 💅💅💅

Tony Hale and Matt Walsh were in a scene, and they accidentally backed into a plate of china and broke it. [Laughs] And our director yelled, “Keep going, keep going,” so they just kept running with it and, as their characters, had to hide the china, put it behind a curtain. Some of the most beautiful Laurel and Hardy-inspired comedy came out of that. And we were all in the room just behind the camera trying so hard not to laugh. It was just one of those convivial, everyone’s in this together, we’re going to support this moment and just the openness to spontaneity. - Anna Chlumsky for Entertainment Weekly.


me running the fuck away from people who think derricks better than dan



Victoria assuming that Derrick threw the comp, because his final two deal with Cody is legitimate.

Derrick telling Cody that if Victoria wins the next round for whatever reason, he hopes Cody doesn’t get mad. And later, Cody being confused about why Derrick is warning him about this and is starting not to trust him.

His fall is coming. His fall is coming.


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the walking dead isn’t even back yet and the fandom is already pissing me off


Frankie: Zach gained so much weight while he was here

Lol okay frankie

Caleb copying Zach’s arm clap thing and giving Julie a flower

I would laugh so hard if Cody won the final HOH and axed Derrick

he’s too loyal and stupid tho

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cody is so hot tho he deserves no boos.

he deserves the same boos that Christine got.

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Beast Mode Misogynist and Frankie didn’t get any boos, but Christine did…… yeah ok

omg this girl in my 20th century art history class said an artwork looked like it was done by a 5 year old and the professor TORE HER UP omfg